Vespa LX 150 3GP Mp4 HD Video Download

My New Product Line Shop: Shop: Shop:+t-shirts This is a used 2007 (also current model) Vespa LX150 Scooter. I was introduced to the Vespa LX 150 at the Vespa Piaggio showroom in Kota Damansara. On a land of people seeking for high fuel efficiency and practicality, the LX 125 comes with a claimed mileage of 62 kmpl. I can now easily haul 8 bags of groceries on the scooter using the built in bag hooks, under seat compartment, and rear rack with bungee cords.

The other day I ferried the LX150 home on a trailer so I could ride it in more urban and suburban settings than the rural roads around our test track. The ergonomics of the Fly fit me better than any other 150 scooter. Beyond the specifications sheet, the LX 150 has a unique character and charm to it.

Vespa 125, 1948 - The first Vespa 125 cc. It differed from the 98 not only in engine size, but also for the introduction of rear suspension; the front suspension was also modified. Vespa PX, 2001 - Classic design and unique features such as a four-speed gearbox genuine have made the Vespa PX a cult scooter, a symbol of Italian style everywhere in the world.

The headlamp remains in its original position on the handlebar, like the 1960s scooters from which the Vespa LXV is derived, but in a slimmer, more minimalist version to emphasise the 'naked' handlebar and to give the front of the vehicle a more lightweight look.

Fuel economy is outstanding: the Vespa ET4 50 has the highest range in the 50 cc class, with approx. I remember getting off the LX 50 and saying… perfect… keep it all the same, give it a bit more power and it's the perfect modern Vespa”. The LX150 is lighter and more nimble.

Available in two paint schemes, aviator gray and Portofino, the LXV has a steel frame and monocoque; unlike other scooter manufacturers, which use plastic bodywork to minimize weight and improve mileage, Vespa still uses the pressed steel chassis the company began with back in 1947.

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